About us



When we were young, we remember our mother always had home cooked food on the table. Our favorite meal growing up was our mother’s chicken and dumplings made the good ole fashion way with Crisco and homemade chicken broth.


Our mother grew up poor in the red hills of Mississippi.  What amazed us was that despite it all, she always made the best food out of nothing and taught us that you never have to compromise taste to save money.


Some of our favorite food was what we call "poor man’s food"; fried bologna sandwiches, homemade biscuits with tomato gravy, rice with SOS gravy, all of which our mother made on a regular basis growing up in the south.


When we opened Chubby’s Cafe, we set out to give people a chance to taste the flavor of the south through the food they were familiar with. Our Burgers are ground fresh in house daily and never frozen, and our chicken breasts are hand battered and seasoned with a selection of our secret southern spices.


We feel our success stems from staying true to our roots and cooking with only the freshest ingredients and southern spices.  We always look forward to serving you the best we have to offer.  Hope to see you soon!

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